New in stock.

Our techies have been working hard behind-the-scenes and we can now unveil a range of radio accessories which are compatible with Caltta's PH600 digital radio.

Accessories include wire kits with a choice of earpiece options, a downlead to work with 3M's latest CH-3 headsets, and a speaker microphone.

Surveillance kits

Our budget level wire kits are available for the PH600 radio too, with changeable earpieces, giving users the ability to choose whichever earpiece style they prefer.


TAC-PTTIdeal for tactical police and industrial applications. The TAC-PTT comprises of a radio connector, a heavy-duty cable connects to an in-line Tactical PTT (push-to-talk) unit. The large button on the device makes it possible to use, even when users are wearing gloves. This is fully compatible with the Caltta PH600 device.



Plus more accessories including 2 Wire Kit and JJ-730.

As specialist providers of radio accessories, we can adapt or custom build products, tailored to your needs. If you require an 'off-the-shelf' solution, contact us today.