IP67 Tactical PTT
IP67 Tactical PTT TAC-PTT

IP67 Tactical PTT with Nexus Headset Socket

Comprising of a radio connector, and heavy-duty PU lead up to an in-line Tactical PTT unit.The large surface button makes it easy to use. Keying is possible even with gloves, under clothing or using the elbow, even by only pressing the edge.

Military standard quick release NEXUS socket (Peltor wired) allows connection of various headsets.

An additional 3.5mm socket allows connection of remote finger PTT’s that can be activated without having to move the hand to the large PTT.

Suitable for tactical police, and industrial applications.


  • IP67 large PTT button for tactical use
  • 360 degree, 8 position rotating belt clip
  • 4-pole Nexus socket, allow connection of a variety of tactical, and industrial style headsets
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