When it comes to covert surveillance, the equipment being used has to deliver. From personal bodyguards to the security services, audio accessories need to be small and discreet but without compromising on performance. 

Sales and marketing director at JUMA Communications, Richard Cheung, says there are a number of elements to take into account when choosing covert accessories, and to help those considering new equipment he has pulled together a handy checklist. 

He suggests asking yourself the following questions to gain an understanding of what you really need from your covert accessories. 

Budget. What do you want to spend?
Radio. What radio model do you operate? There may be technical limitations that restrict your options. 
Image. Is your job more about being covert or about projecting the right image?
Level. How covert do you need your equipment to be?

JUMA Communications stocks a range of equipment for different situations and to meet varying user requirements. Three of the most popular covert audio accessories include:

3-Wire Kit

This entry-level kit provides users with the ability to communicate covertly on a limited budget. It has been developed to be fitted with a 3.5mm socket configured to accept most iPhone / Samsung standard hands-free accessories, so users appear to be listening to music on their phones. 

The miniature microphone, which is generally clipped to a discrete location around the lapel, and the barrel PTT (push to talk), run down the sleeve and are kept in the hand making it easy and discrete to transmit messages back out via two-way radio.


Offering equally high performance but with less cabling, the COV-LOOP has the same PTT switch as the 3 Wire Kit and a neckloop designed to be worn under several layers of clothing. When the user receives incoming radio messages they are sent inductively to a digital wireless earpiece, which is available in standard or sub miniature size.
There is a microphone fitted to the bottom of the neckloop which can pick up audio even under several layers of clothes. This is activated when the users presses and holds their PTT button.


This is a full covert solution with the benefit of a single cable system making it very easy to attach to the user. The PTT button is disguised as a BMW car remote. The Inductive neckloop and microphone will work with both styles of our wireless earpieces and as a general rule this product will work with most two-way radios that are fitted with a multi-pin accessory connector, making it extremely versatile. 

For further information and advice on choosing covert surveillance equipment please contact us on Richard.cheung@jumacommunications.com