The COV-Loop is supplied with a radio connector for the specific model of radio.

From a small junction box one lead runs up to the Inductive Neckloop with built in microphone for use with a wireless earpiece. The Neckloop is fitted with a quick release safety breakaway. A 2nd lead runs from the junction box to a barrel style PTT (push to talk) button. There is sufficient cabling to run this up the torso and back down the sleeve allowing for easy access to the PTT button.

Any of the COV wireless earpieces can be used with this system.


  • Simple, quick fitting, and easy to use
  • Neckloop Inductor with built in microphone
  • Separate barrel PTT
  • Kevlar reinforced cable
  • Works with all Juma wireless earpieces, and other brands on the market
  • Ideal for full covert surveillance teams


  • Weight:95g
  • Cable Length:Loop Circumference - 700mm, Y-box - Loop - 275mm Straight, Y-box - PTT - 995mm Straight
  • Connector:Radio Specific
  • Colour:Beige only
  • Loop Impedance:45 Ohms
  • Mic Impedance:2.2 K Ohm
  • Mic Sensitivity:-30dB ref 1 Volt


Call for assistance: +44 (0) 1335 360 157