Towards the end of 2020, US-based communications equipment provider, Motorola Solutions, revolutionised the telecommunications market by introducing the ground-breaking MXP600 TETRA radio device. It was hailed as Motorola's smallest, yet most powerful device to date.

The MXP600 device is aimed at Police officers, as well as emergency workers serving on the frontline. Frontline workers need to be able to communicate without delay, and the right radio equipment can make all the difference.

Andrew McLachlan, MD of JUMA Communications, said, "The MXP600 is a remarkable new TETRA radio. We've been approached by a lot of customers asking what accessories we can make which will be compatible with this new handset. As a result, we have been busy working behind the scenes on a range of suitable headsets, wire kits and other bespoke products."

JUMA Communications has been working closely with Motorola, we can now unveil a range of radio accessories to complement the MXP600 device. Throughout this article, we'll describe the radio accessories which are compatible.


TAC-PTTIdeal for tactical police and industrial applications. The TAC-PTT comprises of a radio connector, a heavy-duty cable connects to an in-line Tactical PTT (push-to-talk) unit. The large button on the device makes it possible to use, even when users are wearing gloves. This is fully compatible with the MXP600 device.


OTTO NoizeBarrier TAC headset

The widely acclaimed NoizeBarrier headset by OTTO Communications, is also compatible with the MXP600 through the TAC-PTT mentioned above. The headset uses two built-in microphones and an internal digital signal processor. Users maintain complete spatial awareness through its outstanding dynamic 3D sound capability. In addition, the user also benefits from full Impulse Noise Protection when using a weapon, with the ambient sound microphones on the headset switching off instantly.

Surveillance kits

Our budget level wire kits are available for the MXP600 radio too, with changeable earpieces, giving users the ability to choose whichever earpiece style they prefer.

Wireless covert kits

For users requiring full covert accessories, the MXP600 device is compatible with our wireless kits. The Cov-Wireless BD-loop comes with a car key style PTT and works with our range of wireless earpieces. It incorporates a wired connection to the radio terminal.

Heavy duty headsets

For frontline workers operating in noisy environments, where additional hearing protection is required, heavy duty headsets are ideal for these situations. These headsets usually feature two ear cups and extra padding for enhanced hearing protection.

As specialist providers of radio accessories, we can adapt or custom build products, tailored to your needs. If you require an 'off-the-shelf' solution, contact us today.