The JJ-760 circuitry has been specifically designed for optimum performance on Tetra, and DMR radio models. Fitted with 2 PTT (Push To Talk) buttons. Button 1 is located on the topside housing. Button 2 is a large front facing PTT that is also part of the speaker housing. This is ideal for users operating with big gloves. The rubber sealed housing make it extremely durable against impact, and water ingress, combined with the large speaker element means that it performs very well in loud environments.

The JJ-760 is fitted with an 8-position 360 degree rotating belt clip. All units feature heavy grade industrial jacketed cables and excellent strain reliefs for maximum life in the field.

A Nexus connector is fitted into the top panel which allows the connection of headsets. Various models are available depending on the type of headset you wish to connect;

  • NP - allows connection of all Juma headsets
  • NP/AMP - allows connection of all Peltor headsets fitted with a Nexus connector
  • NS - allows connection of Savox N-C, M-PH, HC-E, and L-C headsets
  • NS/AMP - allows connection of Savox HC-1, HC-2, TM1 headsets
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