From the chosen radio connector a heavy-duty coiled lead terminates to an IP67 rated push to talk switch (TAC-PTT). A chassis mounted socket allows for the connection of the 3M Peltor ComTAC headset for tactical use, lightweight behind head tactical headset for command & control roles, and a basic earpiece/microphone for general patrol use.

  • Optional - waterproof wireless PTT can be incorporated into the TAC-PTT
  • Optional - tone generation functionality can be added to the TAC-PTT
  • Optional – TM03 Throat Microphone upgrade available for the Peltor ComTAC
  • Optional – adapter lead for interfacing Avon C50/FM53 respirator to Peltor ComTAC
  • Optional - waterproof military grade connectors can be fitted between the TAC-PTT and radio connector allowing the TAC-PTT to be used across multiple radio platforms.
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