Desk Microphone
Desk Microphone TM03-USB

The Imtradex TM3 is a table microphone with a high class premium loudspeaker included and is equipped with a USB connector for best usability and nearly all applications.  The USB connection allows a Plug&Play connection without the need for any installation of additional driver. Plug in and use.

The flexible goose neck allows a easy adjustment to the need of every person at the desks of i.e. voice communication systems or control rooms at the air traffic control and others. The high structural stability brings a perfect ease of use in every situation. The push-to-talk button can easily be adapted to any system without the need to do big changes.

The device can easily be used with Linux or Windows based operating systems. There is also no need for a separate power supply. The TM3 is powered via the USB port.


  • Lightweight binaural headset – optional with spacer-distance-clip
  • Flexible gooseneck for best adjustment of the microphone
  • High safety for your hearing with Acoustic-Shock-Protection
  • Also available with shorter microphone arm (pro-version)
  • Coolmax® technology for high class comfort with the ear cushions
  • Diverse connection options and adjustments for nearly all Voice-communication-systems including USB
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