Roger C Covert

Understanding speech is critical in physical surveillance. Every message must be clearly understood by all team members in any situation, no matter how noisy.

The new Roger C Covert system has been specifically designed for applications requiring the highest levels of intelligibility and discreetness. It sets a new standard for secure wireless transmission of speech, offering unparalleled, reliable performance in the most challenging environments.

Roger means “message received and understood” – so we named our new communication system Roger C Covert. Roger C technology enables low-delay, highly reliable audio broadcasts from a transmitter to miniaturized earpieces, and uses adaptive algorithms to avoid interference. It has a simple connection concept and operates on the license-free 2.4 GHz band. The Roger C Covert main unit is worn on the body and connects to the audio source. This unit creates an encrypted, secure Roger C network around the wearer, which transmits the audio signal to the Roger C Earpiece  (in-ear receiver).
Uniquely, there is no need to wear a neck loop. The new MM11 microphone is wired to the main unit.

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