Covert Hub
Covert Hub
  • Compatible with Conference & Application (VoLTE)
  • Compact size, 4-Pole 3.5mm jack connection
  • Self-powered, no reduction of mobile phone battery life
  • Option for “Zero-Interference” wireless earpiece use
  • Option for Wireless Keyfob Tone & PTT
  • Other audio accessories available for non-covert use
  • Bluetooth versions also available

The Mobile Phone Mini Audio Hub provides a cost effective and versatile interface, to allow a wide range of covert and overt audio accessories to be used in a Push to Talk (PTT) mode, with a mobile phone, in a similar manner to using a conventional 2-way VHF/UHF portable radio. The Audio Hub can be configured for either Conference (via a switchboard or conference bridge) or to be used with a VoLTE Application running on the Smartphone.
The Hub can be easily configured to operate in either mode when being connected to the Smartphone. Various versions of the Hub exist, depending on the features you want to be available. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to discuss custom or alternative requirements.

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