The BAPCO Journal interviewed David Scott, Lancashire Constabulary Operations Firearms Commander about his team's specific communications requirements while operating on the frontline. The Journal also interviewed Andrew McLachlan, MD of JUMA Communications to understand how advanced communications technology can help minimise risk to firearms officers.

During the interview, David described the comms set-up currently deployed by Lancashire firearms officers. He explained, "Starting with the radios, the vast majority of the time we use TETRA, with the technology being deployed to run operations as well. The only difference between ours and everyone else's is that we use an extra channel."

Describing a typical set-up, Andrew said, "What officers have sometimes been doing up until now basically involved using a simple hearing protection headset, then just sticking the earpiece acoustic tube underneath. It gave them adequate communications but broke the 'seal', meaning that they were contravening health and safety guidelines."

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