We understand how important it is for security guards to be properly equipped, and to have an optimum level of protection. During any mission critical and business critical moments, clear communication is absolutely essential.   Having a reliable and effective radio communication system enables you to maintain communications with your colleagues at all times, so you can take immediate action in response to any incidents arising. In short, it enables your security operation to run smoothly.

Deciding which radio communications set is right for the job will depend on the nature of the role and the perceived level of risk involved.  Our clients are often uncertain of when to use semi covert, and when to use full covert accessories.  

Andrew McLachlan, Managing Director at JUMA Communications explains, "If you operate in commercial or store security, event security, or police and law enforcement, you wouldn't necessarily need to go full covert.  Semi covert operations include security staff working in hospitality, retail, major events, as well as sporting events.    

"In these situations, we'd recommend using a radio communications kit which is visible, yet subtle.  The OTTO semi covert kits are ideal.  They also come with a choice of headsets, depending on the user's preference."

We stock a range of semi covert earpieces and microphone combinations to suit all budgets, from our own branded introductory budget kit to premium OTTO wire kits.  Our kits offer premium audio and a noise-cancelling microphone.

Our kits are all inconspicuous, lightweight and come with colour options.  Our equipment uses Kevlar reinforced cables for added linear strength and comes with a clothing clip for easy attachment.  Whether you need a listen-only system or a two-way communication system, we have a range of kits to match your requirements.  

For further information and advice on choosing semi covert surveillance equipment, please contact us: info@jumacommunications.com