The long-anticipated launch of the JJ-790 suite of products is finally here and we couldn't be more excited.  Specifically designed to complement a wide range of radio models, we expect lots of interest in this suite of products.

Richard Cheung, Sales & Marketing Director at JUMA Communications, explained, "The JJ-790 product range has been long in the making.  We've been testing it with various fire brigades across the UK and Europe and we're delighted to offer this range to the market. We're confident that this new line of reliable, highly functional, firefighter-approved equipment will tick all the boxes."

Let's delve into the new range:

IP68 Dual Radio Speaker Microphone  - DRI-JJ-790-NS

During operations where firefighters need to communicate on two radios, there is the option to connect a second down-lead via a waterproof Lemo socket.  Using both radios simultaneously results in hearing audio in both ears at the same time.

In high-noise environments, the intelligent microphone sensitivity button (Hi/Low) can reduce pick-up of ambient noise.

Large push-to-talk (PTT) buttons are located on the front and left-hand side of the primary radio.  A second PTT button on the right-hand side activates the second radio. All buttons can be operated whilst wearing large gloves.

The JJ-790 circuitry provides safer, more efficient communication on a variety of radio models, including Sepura STP, SC series, and Airbus TH9/THR9. 

IP68 Multi-Purpose Speaker Microphone – JJ-790-NS

This product has been specifically designed for optimum performance with Tetra, and DMR radio models. It is built to IP68 standard.  The device is designed to perform well in loud environments.

It's fitted with two PTT buttons. One of these is a large button located on the front. This is designed for users to operate whilst wearing large gloves.

The rubber seal makes it extremely resistant to impact and water ingress.

Bluetooth IP68 Multi-Purpose Speaker Microphone – JJ-790-NS-BT

Should firefighters require compatibility with Bluetooth, this version connects to a user's preferred two-way radio via a Bluetooth dongle.  It's been specifically designed for optimum performance on Tetra, and DMR radio models and perform exceptionally well in loud environments.

The units feature large PTT buttons so that firefighters can operate it whilst wearing gloves.

A rubber-sealed housing makes it extremely durable against impact and water.

We've worked extensively with fire brigades across the UK and Europe to bring the JJ-790 range of products to market.


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