Originally developed for people suffering with hearing impairments, discover why Phonak's Roger Covert C system is now deployed by covert operating teams in more than 30 countries, worldwide.

Phonak's Roger C System was first launched on the market in 2018. The system was initially developed as an aid for those with hearing impairments, but has since evolved, and has been adopted for use by covert operating teams, TV presenters, politicians and more.

Users rate the system for its unrivalled audio quality and remarkable voice pickup ability, owing to its innovative digital signal processor and algorithms. The result is that even for users operating in noisy environments, the audio output remains crystal clear.

The system is robust and energy efficient, offering over 15 hours of battery life. The dual microphone provides users with exceptional noise cancellation.

A German police officer recalled that his experience with the system has been very positive, he highly rates the component's resilience and audio quality, adding, "The system has proven itself in demanding operational use."

Last, but not least, the device fits entirely within the user's ear canal, and has been ergonomically shaped for enhanced comfort. This is the only discreet communication system which does not require a neck loop or brooch.

The system can be attached to either the Roger Covert C Unit or the Roger Covert Dual C Unit, making it compatible with most phones and radios.

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