A new passive product offering superior hearing protection is coming soon to JUMA Communications, providing another option for those looking for impulse noise protection.

The Serenity Choice KIM 12 from Phonak offers immediate full hearing protection in the event of dangerous noise peaks such as gunshots, whilst maintaining speech comprehension and full situational awareness before and after the event.

Developed for military use, the filter in the Serenity Choice KIM 12 is CE and ANSI IPIL certified for impulse noise of up to 166 dB with an attenuation of 33dB making it particularly suitable for single shots, gunfire and explosions. Using a combination of membrane and unique mesh technology, it only reduces ambient noise by 12dB so commands and other sounds, including the direction of the sound source, can still be heard. This stands the Serenity Choice KIM 12 apart from traditional foam earplugs that dull all sound continuously thus reducing situational awareness significantly.

Comfortable to wear with good ventilation, the earplugs are available in four sizes and can be worn under headsets or safety helmets without interference.

JUMA Communications Managing Director, Andrew McLachlan, said, "The Serenity Choice KIM 12 earplugs contain no electronics or batteries making them a completely passive option when it comes to hearing protection. They nevertheless deliver in terms of performance and comfort compared to both traditional foam plugs and electronic ear muffs."

The Serenity Choice KIM 12 is reusable and has a 2-year warranty. The earplugs come in an aluminium keyring canister, which doubles as storage.  

For more information or to book a demonstration call 01335 360157.