Sales of the OTTO Noizebarrier TAC headset have shot up as increasing numbers of users see the benefits of the advanced situational awareness and exceptional hearing protection it offers.

Following successful stands at exhibitions including PMRExpo and two separate BAPCO events, enquiries increased dramatically, with demonstrations of the OTTO Noizebarrier TAC taking the team far and wide.

Managing Director, Andrew McLachlan, said, "Word is getting out that this is one of the best headsets on the market for firearms professionals. We are getting enquiries every week requesting further information and to see the product in action – and once people have tried it, they usually order."

The popularity of the OTTO Noizebarrier TAC headset is down to its combination of advanced technology and practical features. Andrew added, "Users are telling us that the performance is second to none, with a number of qualities that particularly stand out.

"They especially like the enhanced 360-degree ambient sound, which allows users to clearly hear what is happening around them as well as detect where the sound is coming from. Plus, the 29db SNR passive attenuation is higher than any comparative product on the market.

"Practically, the headset has an IP68 environmental rating, the boom mic can be worn on the left or right-hand side and helmet mounting adaptors can be removed or added as needed making it flexible and easy to wear."

Its compatibility with a wide range of JUMA accessories means the headset can be adapted to help the modern firearms officer deal with whatever situation they are confronted with.

The TAC PTT provides a large tactile Push to Talk button, enabling the user to easily find the PTT, even when wearing gloves. Alternatively, a wireless PT can be added and there is also the option to add a connection cable to link the tactical headset into the speech module on the Avon FM53.

Adding an optional patrol earpiece system means that when not using the TAC headset, users can connect this earpiece and mic into the TAC PTT. Because the patrol earpiece is fitted with a Nexus connector that plugs directly into the TAC PTT, the user does not have to disconnect this PTT from the radio and when needed, they quickly unplug the Patrol earpiece and reconnect the Tactical headset.

Other accessories include an improved mic clip, enabling the lapel mic to be worn in harsh conditions and withstand demanding day to day use.

The OTTO Noizebarrier TAC Headset is available now. Visit our OTTO Noizebarrier TAC Headset page or call us on 01335 360157 for more details or to book your demonstration