They say good things come in small packages and never has this been truer than with the OTTO Noizebarrier Micro. 

Currently available from JUMA Communications, the high definition rechargeable electronic earplugs combine unsurpassed 360° situational awareness with crystal clear communication, all while delivering the industry-leading protection from loud noises that OTTO is renowned for.

The dual-mode electronic earplugs feature Accu-technology high definition sound quality 
and offer both active hearing protection and hearing enhancement. In standard mode, normal situational awareness is provided when sound levels are safe with an additional 15 dB of hearing protection when there is sustained loud noise. Enhanced hearing mode is activated by the touch of a button and amplifies soft sounds by 5X, improving distance detection and enhancing awareness. Both modes provide maximum blast and impulse noise protection of up to 40 dB. 

Andrew McLachlan, managing director at JUMA Communications, said, "With the Micro, OTTO has added yet another outstanding product to the Noizebarrier range. The technology is unparalleled: noise-isolating eartips combined with proprietary sound processing electronics have produced an advanced earplug that responds to your environment and is comfortable enough to wear all day." 

Featuring an IP67 immersion rating, the OTTO Noizebarrier Micro earplugs have up to 16 hours of battery life and come with a rugged, waterproof storage and charging case which can deliver 20 earplug charge cycles from a single charge. 

To find out more about the OTTO Noizebarrier Micro or other products from the OTTO Noizebarrier range contact Richard Cheung on 01335 360157 or visit our website page.