The latest offering from market leaders OTTO will soon hit the shelves at JUMA Communications, delivering revolutionary noise cancelling performance and voice clarity.

Featuring OTTO's patented high-performance microphone, the Revo NC2 Bluetooth speaker mic has been developed for professional users and combines the latest Bluetooth technology with high-definition audio to take speaker mic functionality to a new level.

With built-in Bluetooth 5.0 as standard, it can wirelessly pair with smartphones, tablets and selected Bluetooth-enabled two-way radios, making it ideal for situations where a cable connection would be inconvenient or a hazard.

The specially-designed high-definition audio amplifier delivers clear transmissions which are less robotic and easier to understand than standard audio, while the patented noise-cancelling microphone ensures optimum voice clarity in high-noise situations and harsh environmental conditions including 40mph blowing rain.

JUMA managing director Andrew Mclachlan said, "This latest OTTO offering is a step above many earlier Bluetooth speaker mics and includes all the features you would expect from the world-leading brand as well as mission-critical pairing. It makes it ideal for a range of situations from military and law enforcement to commercial settings."

Designed to a high specification, the OTTO Revo NC2 also features an IP68 immersion rating and large PTT and volume buttons that are easy to find even when wearing gloves. Crucially for the European market, the flashing blue microphone light is situated on the back of the unit so it cannot be seen during operations.

The OTTO Revo NC2 will be available soon. For more information visit this page or call us on 01335 360157 for more details.