Medical staff caring for Covid-19 patients must be able to communicate with each other clearly and effectively. The VOKKERO GUARDIAN radio communication system is quick and easy to use, making it a great solution for two particular situations:

Hospital nursing staff working in isolation rooms

Isolation room staff in PPE
Isolation room staff in PPE

Isolation rooms have an airlock which must be crossed before staff can enter and it is often necessary for several people to communicate with each other from the patient's room, the airlock and the corridor. The effects of wearing PPE, the ventilation system and the doors and walls between them means staff must sometimes shout in order to make themselves understood.

These difficulties can lead to poor information being shared and make interventions slower at a time when every minute counts.

Military and hospital staff present when patients are being transferred

Covid-19 patients being transferred by train
Isolation room staff in PPE

In some countries congestion in the hospital system has led to health authorities transferring infected patients, most of whom are in intensive care, from one region to another.

The medical, and sometimes military, personnel accompanying these patients during transport encounter similar communication difficulties to their colleagues in hospitals, as well as battling the noise from the mode of transport used.

JUMA Communications managing director, Andrew McLachlan, said, "Both groups need a radio communication system that is simple and quick to use, provides good audibility and allows personnel to communicate via a voice activation system. The microphone must also be compatible with wearing masks."

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN system delivers on all levels, providing:

  • Patented noise filter integrated in the terminals to suppress environmental noise and ensure clarity of communications whatever the environment
  • Hands-free and "full duplex" communication (permanent communication, microphone open) so personnel can speak at any time and can continue to work while communicating
  • Option to connect an in-ear microphone and the ability to use with or without masks or breathing apparatus.
  • 8 hours battery life

JUMA can provide a standalone kit of four VOKKERO GUARDIAN STANDARD terminals with three in-ear microphones (SEN 410) for people with masks and a light standard micro-headset (PIR 430) for people working outside the room.

Each kit includes:

  • 4 GUARDIAN STANDARD radio terminals
  • 3 in-ear headsets (SEN 410) designed for wearing personal protective equipment
  • 1 light neckband headset (PIR 430)
  • 1 touch configurator-charger for intuitive configuration and no installation required
  • Cables and Power
  • User Manual
  • 1 rigid suitcase (HAC 404) for transporting all the equipment and protecting it for safe transport.
Vokkero Guardian Handset
PIR 430
Vokkero SEN 410 Headsets and Mics

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