With many headphones widely available on the market, how do you choose the right headset for your needs? We offer specialist headsets for retail, events, and police firearms officers. We've listed the key features of our most popular headsets along with their recommended application.

OTTO Noizebarrier SA headset

This is one of our best-selling military headsets. We recommend it to firearms professionals.

The tactical communication headset features 360° advanced situational awareness, as well as offering premium hearing protection, ideal for any live-fire training activity.

Users are extremely impressed by its crystal-clear audio and precise situational awareness. This headset can be worn all day without causing users any discomfort. It can be worn with safety glasses and other PPE.


OTTO Noizebarrier TAC headset

Since its launch, this headset has earned a solid reputation among firearms professionals.

The headset has two built-in microphones and an internal micro computer-based signal processor. This allows users full local spatial awareness, enabling the wearer to accurately detect the source of the sound.

Unlike cheaper products, it provides crystal-clear audio, without the muffled or muddied tones. Even in extreme scenarios, the audio is maintained so users will benefit from full communication and hearing. The boom microphone can also be worn either on the left or right hand side. 

When officers are required to wear a helmet, the Noizebarrier earpieces can be unclipped from the headband and attached to the side rails of the helmet with special clips.


OTTO Hurricane II

With this headset, you get the performance of a heavy-duty headset without the weight and bulk. The lightweight behind-the-head style is designed to fit under most helmets and hard hats. It has been designed to endure even the hottest environment. The NoisEz ear tips offer maximum hearing protection. The headset also features a flexible, noise cancelling boom microphone.


OTTO Hurricane III

This lightweight headset has been designed for use by SWAT, public safety, and security personnel operating in tactical situations.

The patented SureFire® noise-reducing earpieces feature has specially designed filters which offers users with excellent situational awareness and outstanding hearing protection. This filter intelligently reduces loud noises to safe levels while allowing normal speech and other non-harmful sounds to pass through and be heard clearly.

To view other headsets, click here. If you have any specific requirements, please get in touch with our team. Our specialist team can devise a tailored solution to fit your needs.