The launch of the OTTO Noizebarrier TAC Headset has taken the professional communications industry by storm.

The first fully modular tactical communications headset, it features crystal clear radio communications, advanced situational awareness and exceptional hearing protection of 29dB, higher than any comparative product on the market.

Designed in conjunction with tactical operators, the headset has been engineered to meet the demands of today's professional user with advanced technology and practical features.

The noise-cancelling boom microphone has built-in active wind and noise reduction to virtually eliminate background noise, while situational awareness microphones built into each earcup accurately detect the direction of potential threats.

Small and lightweight, with a rugged machined aluminium construction, the fully waterproof headset is easy and comfortable to wear. Flexible left or right-hand usability with "positive feel" PTT and situational awareness control buttons make it easier to operate even when wearing gloves.

JUMA Communications Managing Director, Andrew McLachlan, said the Noizebarrier technology is some of the most advanced on the market. "The soundscape experience is unparalleled. Proprietary electronics automatically adapt loud or impulse sounds to a safe level while normal sounds, nearby conversation and radio communications are easily heard without compromising on situational awareness. Radio communications are clear and continuous without temporary dropouts, to improve safety and tactical awareness."

The TAC headset can be configured to meet a wide variety of communications needs ranging from single radio and PTT options to multi-channel, multi-radio options controlled by the OTTO Multi-Port Hub. The OTTO TAC connector options include all major radio systems for maximum versatility.

The OTTO Noizebarrier TAC Headset is available now. Visit or call us on 01335 360157 for more details.