JUMA Communications is a leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier of professional radio communications accessories such as headsets, speaker microphones and earpieces.  As well as products made by world leading audio accessory manufacturer, OTTO Communications, JUMA also supplies its own customised solutions  directly to the Police, emergency services, industrial and retail sectors in the UK and Europe. We catch up with Andrew McLachlan, Managing Director for five minutes...

Your 2022 has been incredibly busy attending and exhibiting at many face-to-face events, which new products have created the most excitement?

I'd say that Motorola's multi-award-winning MXP600 TETRA portable radio device (launched in 2020) has truly grasped the challenges encountered by front line workers. Using the right radio equipment can make all the difference for emergency responders and critical workers who need to communicate quickly.

For individual users, the device is convenient to carry and simple to use. Thanks to its adaptive and intelligent 3+1 audio, you can hear and be heard clearly.

Furthermore, radio managers in the back office can install updates quickly and easily using Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP). Therefore, radio managers are now able to maintain and manage radio fleets using the existing TETRA network and WIFI. Officers no longer need to hand-in their radios and use a temporary one while their device is being updated.

How can the MXP600 device be adapted to suit individual requirements?

To get the most out of the MXP600 radio, a variety of accessories are available to suit your team's unique needs. As a Motorola-approved partner,  we stock frontline worker specific accessories such as headsets and earpieces.  

Several police firearms officers have reported using it with heavy duty headsets. The OTTO Noizebarrier TAC headset remains very popular, you can connect the headset with the radio by using the TAC-PTT radio connector.  

Both wired and wireless audio accessories can be connected quickly. For semi-covert applications, the radio can be connected with a wire kit and users can choose the earpiece style that works best for them. In covert scenarios, the radio device works with a range of wireless covert kits.

The Motorola R7 DMR radio also uses the same accessory interface, so users in the PMR market can also use the same accessories that both OTTO and JUMA have developed. 

What emerging trends can we expect to see in the world of critical communications? 

In the audio accessory arena, we see that situational awareness, and hearing protection are becoming increasingly important for users in both industry, and front line Policing. Besides specialist users such as firearms police, uniformed police officers are also beginning to wear hearing protection as well as impulse noise protection. 

A variety of hearing protection solutions are available from OTTO, and the company recently launched an interface that allows the In Ear Noizebarrier Micro electronic hearing protection system to be connected to a standard acoustic tube. As a result, this gives you in-ear hearing protection, full situation awareness, and radio communications capabilities. 

The radio industry is moving toward dual technology platforms, which enable voice and data transmission over both traditional wireless frequencies and broadband networks. As a result, data can also be sent over broadband networks, increasing the effectiveness of the radio system over wide area networks. These features are coming to devices in both the Industrial PMR and Emergency Services markets.

Our team can tailor accessories to your specific requirements. For further information, please speak to one of our team on 01335 360157.