For front line workers operating in industry or the emergency services, it can often be a complex and stressful environment. Your radio communications equipment should work seamlessly and allow you to communicate, without interruption. In this scenario, we'd recommend the OTTO Bluetooth® Revo NC2 speaker microphone. Its noise cancelling technology, crisp sound, and the fact that you can operate it hands-free are key features that make the this speaker microphone so highly rated.

Leading US manufacturer, OTTO Communications harnesses the latest developments in radio and communications technology to meet user needs well into the 21st century. OTTO's bluetooth® Revo NC2 speaker microphone has been designed for use in law enforcement, military, disaster recovery as well as commercial settings. The bluetooth connectivity offers users hands-free listening and push-to-talk without the need for awkward cables.

Compatibility with Android mobile devices and popular push over cellular apps

The built-in bluetooth connectivity enables the speaker microphone to be compatible with Android mobile devices and popular Push Over Cellular apps such as ESChat, Zello and BeOn from Harris. It can also be paired with many two-way radios (see end of blog for a complete list). Bluetooth can communicate up to 10 metres away.

Functional with PPE

The microphone features a large, textured push-to-talk button, designed for ease of use even with gloves. A clever slider controls the volume, which is again functional with gloves.

Ideal for high noise environments

This microphone performs exceptionally well in high noise environments. It's equipped with a high-definition audio amplifier and patented noise-cancelling technology. The top-mounted microphone cancels out any surrounding noise. As a result, every transmission will be heard clearly and accurately.

Suitable for long shifts

The battery will sustain up to 12 hours of usage, seeing users through those long shifts. The battery is replaceable, and chargeable using a micro USB. The compact profile means it's lightweight (it weighs 185g) and comfortable for users to wear. It comes with a rotatable clothing clip.

To arrange a demo or for further information, visit our web page on OTTO Bluetooth Revo NC2.


For a complete list of two-way radio compatibility with the OTTO Bluetooth Revo NC2, see below:


  • PD482i
  • BD552i


  • IP501H
  • F3400
  • F4400
  • F7010
  • F7020
  • F5400/F6400
  • F7510/F7520


  • NX5000
  • NX5200/5300/5400K
  • NX3000/3200/3320/3420K
  • NX3220/3320/3420K