When one of JUMA Communications' military customers got in touch with a request for radio accessories for their bomb disposal workers, they had some very specific requirements.

Users needed to be able to work hands-free, in full duplex, with the ability to hear ambient sound - and have a Voice Projection Unit (VPU) so they could communicate with people around them. To meet the demands JUMA Communication's technicians took individual products from OTTO and Vogo and created a customised solution that ticked every box.

Sales and marketing director, Richard Cheung, explains how the solution was developed.

"The starting point was the Vokkero Guardian, a high quality full duplex mobile radio terminal used frequently in industrial settings because of its patented noise filter and clear, intelligible communication.


We then added OTTO's new, lightweight Hurricane III headset, which provided the hearing protection required along with a noise-cancelling microphone. This headset incorporates passive SureFire filters on the earpieces which, when closed, give users 21dB of hearing protection and when open allow them to hear ambient sounds. In the event of a sharp impulse sound, the filters provide 40dB of protection whether the filter is open or closed.

Together, these devices allow users to talk in full duplex to anyone connected to the same Vokkero network.

The most interesting part was then getting a VPU to work with the headset. We achieved this by repurposing an OTTO REVO II noise-cancelling waterproof speaker mic. Well known for its excellent audio, this particular product has a high/low setting for external speaker volume, on/off switch and its own internal battery and amplifier. In this solution we're using it just as a VPU unit, plugged into the Vokkero system.

When the three elements are connected they allow the user the flexibility to talk in full duplex to other users on the Vokkero network or, should a situation arise where they need to talk to those around them, reroute the audio into the VPU's external speaker at the touch of a button."


This is just one of the bespoke solutions that the JUMA Communications engineers are able to create to meet clients' specific requirements. To find out more view our video on YouTube or email richard.cheung@jumacommunications.com.