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Semi Covert

3 Wire Kit with 3.5mm Stereo Socket (new version)

3 wire kit incorporates a tactile barrel PTT (push to talk), miniature microphone fitted with a clothing clip,…

1 Wire Kit

Listen only Acoustic Tube style kit. Available with connections direct to the Radio or to the socket of…

Budget Level Wire Kit

From the Radio specific connector 1 lead runs up to a Microphone and PTT (push to talk) unit…

2 Wire Kit

Consisting of a separate earpiece (lead 1) and microphone, with a PTT (push to talk) (lead2). The Mic/PTT…

3 Wire Kit

The 1st lead incorporates the same earpiece as a 1 Wire Kit. The 2nd lead is fitted with…

3 Wire Kit With Wireless PTT

This product incorporates the same earpiece and Lapel Microphone as used on the Standard 3 Wire Kit. A…

3 wire kit with 3.5mm stereo socket

Latest generation 3 wire kit incorporates a tactile barrel PTT (push to talk) switch with clip for securing…
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