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Military / Tactical

Hurricane III Headset

OTTO's New Hurricane III headset with SureFire patented EarLock® Retention Rings and Noise-Reducing Filters incorporates ground breaking technology…


From the chosen radio connector a heavy-duty coiled lead terminates to an IP67 rated push to talk switch…

Tactical Firearms RSM

The JJ-760 Multi-Purpose RSM incorporating noise cancelling microphones has a top mounted PTT for basic use, and a…

Entry Level Tactical Solution

The 3 wire kit with waterproof wireless PTT and rugged Mic shroud/clip is intended for daily patrol use.…

Dual Radio Interface

The DRI allows connection of 2 radio systems simultaneously. Radio down-leads can either be hard-wired or fitted with…

Bone Conduction Headset for use with respirator (J-BCMU)

Designed to work with a variety of respirators, this IP68 Bone Conduction product attaches to the webbing of…

Vibration Sound Conversion Ear Microphone (J-EM20)

The newly designed VSCM EarMic, with improved sound correction circuit greatly reduces vibration noise, and ensures clear and…

Tactical Bone Conduction Headset (J-THS1)

Fully IP67 Bone Conduction Headset is suitable for tactical applications. The VSCM, and high output bone vibration speakers…

VOX/PTT Interface (DM-19)

The VOX circuit is activated by the algorithm of human voice, then programmed by the high speed DSP…
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