You can hear the difference with the NoizeBarrier TAC. OTTO's NoizeBarrier technology delivers accurate sound reproduction and prevents temporary audio inuous radio communications are received at safe levels even if loud and impulse sounds are present. When paired with the OTTO's advanced situational awareness technology, the NoizeBarrier TAC provides an unparalleled, reliable 3D soundscape experience for maximum safety, tactical awareness and combat effectiveness. 


  • Noise-canceling boom microphone has built-in active wind and noise reduction to virtually eliminate background noise and ensure understandable radio transmissions in loud environments.


  • Proprietary electronics automatically adapt loud or impulse sounds to a safe level of no more than 85 dB, while normal-level sounds, nearby conversation and radio communications are easily heard without clipping or shut-down of the situational awareness functionality.


  • Situational awareness microphones built into each earcup provide accurate sound localization to detect the direction of potential threats with near certainty.


  • Meets IP68 standard to withstand full immersion to 1 meter for 31 minutes and continue to provide outstanding communications with situational awareness.


  • Earcup has been designed to fit well with safety glasses and other equipment and will not interfere with shouldering a firearm.